About British Reiki Organisation

The world over people love to know that when they receive a holistic therapy practice such as Reiki they are receiving therapy from a professionally trained and qualified practitioner. 


Part of ensuring that those clients are receiving therapy from a professional qualified and trained practitioner is being part of a membership group and being on a professional register.


British Reiki Organisation has been created for both UK Reiki Practitioners and Professionals who are looking for support and learning tools to help grow their Reiki practice and business.



The British Reiki Organisation invites and welcome Reiki students, practitioners and teachers from all over the world to join and receive the benefits of professional membership. 


We invite those who have gained their Reiki credentials and certification through online, home study media and in person classroom attendance alike.  You may have taken a course of training with Deborah Casey through the Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy Group or with other teachers, you are welcome to join.

Our Organisation is dedicated to professional and ethical standards and codes of conduct and committed to ensuring our members clinical practice is valued and respected. 


As an Organisation we support practitioners:

  • Gain professional recognition

  • Promote their clinical practice globally

  • Unite in supportive community


Our Organisation also aims to support and build the public’s awareness and understanding of Reiki and the well-being benefits.

Education and Certifications

All Reiki practitioners and professionals hold their approved traditional Usui Reiki certifications and members are required to submit a copy of their certificates to be held on our register. 

Once you have joined the British Reiki Organisation you will receive a certificate of membership and access to the member’s forum and various blogs, posts and a business start-up pack along with our logo that you can display on your business literature.  You’ll receive access to monthly distance healing sessions on-line and via multi-media process.  You will also be added to our business directory.

But more so once you have sign up to our life time professional membership, paid your one off fee, we send you information about our partner insurers who will provide professional indemnity insurance allowing you to receive private, paying clients.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

We recognise our humanness and the potential to get things wrong, but also that we can free ourselves from the burned that can bring though applying Reiki to the matters that arise.  We all make mistakes and this can cause a great burden to heart and mind.  But here we learn the greatest of self-loving acts to forgive ourselves as we acknowledge those wrongs and they pass to Divinity, God or Creator as you feel. 

We are not about inflicting feelings of guilt, blame, shame and unworthiness but about seeing through these experiences and accepting the pearls of wisdom they bring to us as we allow Reiki to clear our mind and bring.  This does not absolve us our responsibility but improves how we apply ourselves to becoming more responsible, respectful and show dignity to ourselves and others.

We invite and welcome all but those who are truly of the wrong nature, who are to disrupt, will not be permitted to join this Association, of professionals who are dedicated to their growth, development and integrity. 


Special Note - Those members who become disruptive and pursuant of a malevolence will be removed without warning or recourse.

British Reiki Organisation

Our business address is:

6 the drive



Tyne and wear

This address is not open to the public

Should you wish to correspond with us please address as above but to the attention of The Secretary

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